Our Materials

All of our pieces are lovingly hand crafted and many of our designs incorporate crystals (including Swarovski elements from Austria), semi-precious stones, freshwater pearls and the rare and unique Paua shell from New Zealand.


Ethically created and sourced, each piece in our LELULUXE collection is created from 100% .925 sterling silver, is hypoallergenic and free of lead and nickel.
Our Gold Vermeil pieces have been coated in a thick layer of gold, from at least 2.5 microns and up to 5 microns (the thickest layer you can get). Our sterling silver plated pieces are coated in up to 3-layers of 14 carat or 18 carat gold and rose gold, or high-quality rhodium. 
To give our customers the best experience, we also include a complimentary sterling silver polishing cloth with each LELULUXE order.


Our fashion pieces are created from an alloy base for extra durability (usually brass and copper) and are either gold-filled with a thick layer of gold, or carefully plated with either high-quality rhodium or three layers of 14-18 carat gold or rose gold.

"Timeless elegance meets contemporary fashion."