About Us


Lelu Fashion is a London-based jewellery store, run by the award-nominated and best-selling Blogger and Influencer, Sarah Lucia. Sarah bridges the gap between the timeless elegance of dainty fine jewellery, and the fun and affordability of chic fashion statement jewellery.

Specialising in wedding and occasion jewellery, Lelu Fashion allows women to celebrate their individuality and femininity through exquisitely hand crafted, high-quality pieces.

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Hi there, I am Sarah Lucia - the founder of Lelu Fashion. I have had a lifelong love of elegant and understated jewellery, which is also chic and contemporary. My frustration in trying to find a jewellery store, which had a balance between these styles resulted in the birth of Lelu Fashion.

Lelu Fashion Sarah Lucia Owner


I like to show my customers that I really care - from my detailed and authentic product descriptions and professional photography and videography, to the beautiful and lovingly put together packaging and excellent customer service.

Lelu Fashion offers a flat rate on all UK and European orders and free 30-day returns for UK ordersUnfortunately, we cannot offer free returns on any orders outside of the UK. Please see the Shipping Policy and Refund Policy for more information.


I hope you enjoy your experience with Lelu Fashion.

Best wishes, Sarah Lucia