Unique Jewellery Gift Ideas 2021

Unique Jewellery Gift Ideas 2021

Finding the perfect unique jewellery gifts is a whole different type of shopping stress!

Unique is defined as being something which is unlike anything else.

...Not to worry though, at Lelu Fashion, we believe in providing truly unique pieces to our customers.

The Pāua Collection

The Pāua Collection

Every single piece of Pāua shell in the world is unique.

paua shell curve with crystals

Although there are around 120 types of Abalone shell around the world, there are only three rare and distinct types of Pāua Shell.

All of which are only found in the shallow coastal waters around New Zealand.

The Maori people have long believed that the Pāua shell brings connectivity and harmony to relationships.

The shell is said to “enhance feelings of peace, compassion and love.”

In the Maori culture, the translucent blue-green colouring in the Pāua shell pieces represents the symbol of changes and transitions in Maori culture. 

Each unique piece in our Pāua collection is lovingly hand crafted from an alloy base.

It is then carefully plated in high-quality rhodium for a hypoallergenic finish with lustre. 

The Gaia Collection

If the person you are buying for - or even yourself, are intrigued by natural inspirations and that of Mother Earth, look no further than the Gaia collection by Lelu Fashion.

flower raindrop pendant gold

Gaia was the Greek goddess of Earth. The word Gaia symbolises life, fertility and the protection of all things natural.

Each piece in the Gaia collection is completely hand-crafted from a durable alloy base and plated in thick layers of 18-carat gold.

The beautiful dainty handset crystals with exquisitely crafted dragonflies, which feature on the drop earrings and matching pendant necklace, are carefully crafted by hand.

Colourful, quaint, exclusive and unique - these pieces are the perfect gift for your loved ones.


So, if you are looking for that special little piece (or pieces) for yourself or your loved ones, look no further.

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